The Lord who is after the weak

Are you rejected, persecuted, hated without any reason? Sometimes it seems, we may passthrough rejected situations without any reasons. But God will not be silent at your situations. He is a righteous and loving God, He loves to bless the rejected people.

This messge focus on the rejected situation of Leah. The scriptures quoted are encouraging, they proves the love of God for the persecuted.

Serve God Whole Heartily..

This message explains about serving/worshipping God with whole heart. While doing the ministry of God, while doing the secular job, is there any time we did with half-minded attitude? There are heroes in the bible who are blessed by God by serving Him with whole heart. On the other hand, there are persons who spoiled their life and their generation without serving God with whole heart.

Watch this message and meditate the scriptues. Whatever you do, do it with whole heart, earn the blessings from God!!!

In God's perspective..

You may be a rejected person in the World. You may be concering and worrying too much about your failures and the talents to don't have. You may be a poor person without having much money. But these are not the factors concerned by God for his people's standard. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.

What is in God's perspective? Watch and be blessed.

Victorious Christian Life - Part 1

Many Christians are experiencing a dryness in their spiritual life. Many people experience dryness in prayer, bible reading and Church fellowship. Even there are prophets like Elijah and Jonah had such dry experiences. But this is not the fact of Christian life. The good news is, Christian life is a victorious life. This message explains How to obtain this Victorious Christian Life.

The true identity of us, is found in Jesus. The joy of a Christian depends not on this world. The joy is in the LORD.

Victorious Christian Life - Part 2

...Continued from Part 1. Are we seeking the Kingdom of God? Or - Are we seeking the earthly richness? Money? So what does the bible says about money and earthly richness?

The scriptues quoted, enlighten the fire in heart, such scriptures warns us from loving the world and things in the world.

Convicting Voices - Part 1 [Man's Conscience]

Every one of us have Conscience given by God. We have a heart which condemn us whenever we sin. Had some such experiences right? This message explains what bible says about the Conscience. God purifies our Conscience, He gives us good Conscience.

Such truth are spoken very rare, really wonders from the scriptues.

Convicting Voices - Part 2 [Man's Conscience]

...Continued. Explained the consequence of the sin, when we do sin by turning off our Conscience. God expects us to live according to His will. Some testimonies are shared from bible and from Church history who lived according to the heart of God.

Very important scriptures. Meditate these scriptures and have it in prayers. May God give us grace to live according to His expectation.

Convicting Voices - Part 3 [Man's Conscience]

...Continued. God is our loving Father. Our Father is rich in love and forgiveness. When God is forgiving us everytime we sin, we have to forgive each other. Let's not acuse any sinner. When we have lot of sins and imperfectness within ourself, the conscience will not let us to acuse others. Let's love and forgive.

We have to self-examine ourself and set the right relationship with God everyday, everytime. May God let us continue to live in His grace.

Convicting Voices - Part 4 [Outer Voices]

...Continued. Sometimes the voice from parents, the voice from life partner, the voice from elders should be respected as Word from God. They are appointed by God...

Explained in the light from Word of God.

Convicting Voices - Part 5 [God's Voice]

...Continued. We have to immediately repent when the spirit of God speaks to us. God may speak to us through His word. If we are not responding when God speaks we have to face terrible consequence...

May God give us a true heart to obey to the Word of God whenever it comes to us.

Convicting Voices - Part 6 [God's Voice]

...Continued. The spirit of God convicts us about our sins. God knows everything, He knows the heart. As much as we try to hide our sins, God will make it visible. We should have a heart to admit our sins immediately after the spiit of God convicts us.

There are more scriptues in bible about the "voice" speaking with us. The Word of God is the greatest blessing we have right? We have to search the Word of God and mediatate each and every incident/verses about the convicting voices.

Why Sufferings in Christian Life?

Though we live according to the will of God, though we ask our needs in prayers, we may feel our prayers are not answered. What is the purpose of the sufferings we go through in our life? Why there is a delay in our blessings? What God is going to do in our life by this sufferings?

This message explains the answer from the Word of God.